Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Sweet Felt Board on the Cheap

Alas, my inner thriftquake was left to rumble silently in discontent while I figured out how to finish this insane book review. I did have to trek over to big sister's house this evening to feed her daughter's guinea pigs while they're away. En route, I stopped at Dollarama where I found these awesome felt boards for a twoonie a pop. That's two dollars for the non-Canadians reading this. My thrifty satisfaction is tempered by the fact that someone in China got paid peanuts to make this. That's not right!
Anyway, I had been looking into buying felt boards online and there's some high quality ones out there with big price tags. The irony is that someone in China still probably got paid peanuts to make them.


  1. Twoonie, eh? My hubster is a dual citizen and I have yet to hear that one. I love learning new words from all you "foreigners" (said with Texas twang). :)

  2. Hey sugah - Y'all come back now, y'hear?
    Ok, I learned all my Southernisms from watching Alice as a child. "Kiss my grits!"
    Hey, one of my sisters lives in Memphis, TN so I'm like 12 degrees of separation from you - yes you Bounty Huntress.
    P.S. Say "hi" to your hoser hubby. Where's he from?

  3. Before I met my hub, I used to play in a broomball league with a bunch of old Canucks (twice my age, as I was barely 20 then). I can't repeat here what those past-their-prime (but still full of in-yo'-face) hockey players taught me to say!

    Hub was born here but his mom is from Montreal. His dad went to high school there too. So hub went to the same high school and then to McGill Uni. They would probably want me to say they are not Quebecqua (however you spell that.)

    Do y'all greet by kissing on both cheeks too? That gets me every time!

  4. Hello again, BH. Now I'm wondering how a young Texas gal wound up playing broomball (which I've never heard of before) with a bunch of dirty old hosers. Weren't your parents concerned for your safety? Hey, at least you've got a story to tell now.
    Glad you found a good man of Quebec extraction. I'm not sure about the cheek kissing thing. We're really introverted, socially awkward people us Torontonians, so you'd never see that here, unless you were drunk or the Toronto Maple Leafs finally won the Stanley Cup - in which case, you'd find big hockey jocks probably doing more than kissing each other on the cheeks. I watch the Tour de France stage winners doing the quadruple cheek kiss thing and it amazes me how easy they make it look. It must be a European thing. I'd be breaking my nose or kissing an eyeball.

    Vonlipi's from Quebec. I'll ask her about the cheek kissing thing in Quebec and they're far more liberal and sexy than us Ontarians.


  5. Did you Wiki Broomball?

    I used to wait tables then. I would tell the hostesses to seat all the cute guys in my section. :) One of the cute guys (who ended up being like an older brother) played broomball and I was on the ice the following week and for 7 years afterwards!

  6. Hi there! About the kissing on both cheeks...Yeah we do that big time! Some do air kissing, some get in your bubble big time!

    I personnaly don't let total strangers kiss me...EEEEEEEWWWWWW!!!!!

    And Erin, it's

  7. Just wanted to get in on the cheek kissing discusion. Us Brits tend to kiss on one cheek and, if we're really good friend, we indulge in a little mutual back rubbing. Like Vonlipi, I wouldn't let any old Tom, Dick or Harry kiss me (or rub my back for that matter). The Italians kiss on each cheek and the Dutch give each other 3 kisses in a row. There's a whole wikipedia article here if you want to know more . Fascinating stuff!

  8. I could go for a back rub right about now.


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