Saturday, July 24, 2010

Pyrex Plan - Are You Interested?

Friendship Pyrex - Aren't we all Pyrex friends?

I've been chewing on this idea for some time now and thought I'd finally be bold enough to put it out there.

One of my greatest pleasures lately is:
A. Finding and buying Pyrex.
B. Sharing what I've found on my blog.
C. Looking at and reading about other people's Pyrex on their thrift blogs.

Soooooo, I have an idea. How would you feel about starting up a communal Pyrex blog? By this, I mean that one of us (I don't mind doing it) would open up a new Blogger blog for the sole purpose of sharing all things Pyrex. People who are rabid or even modest collectors would be given the sign on information via email and you can upload your Pyrex photos and write about Pyrex whenever you feel like it.

I just thought it would be a great way for us to consolidate all our bits and pieces, share info related to Pyrex and generally have a good time. I'd want it to be fun, more than anything else. I'm just starting out as a collector and I'd love to see what you Pyrex lovers have in your cupboards.

What do you think? If I can get even five or so people who would be interested, I'll get the ball rolling. This need not take away from your other blogs as you can still show your Pyrex and all the other funky things you collect. This would just be a blog for Pyrex lovers.

Please leave a comment. I love hearing from everyone.
Yours in hard-wearing and beautiful crockery,


  1. I am so in love with the Pyrex and think it's a great idea. I would be glad to post photos and info as I learn it.

  2. sounds like fun! I love showing off my pyrex, it's so photogenic :)

  3. Yeaaaaaaah Linda. You're #1. I love how you're so quick on the gun so to speak when it comes to comments. I'm telling ya - you are the Comment Queen.
    Glad you like the idea. You give me hope, to carry on...

  4. This sounds like so much fun!

    I passed up a divided casserole in blue pyrex glass today. It was $2.99. Was that okay? It's been bugging me ever since.

  5. Count me in. I need another reason to search out Pyrex. Hahahaha......

    @Mom Walds Place - I see those divided dishes all the time. I have started to pass them up because they are a pain in the butt to store. I have them in the pattern pieces I want to collect and that is it. Don't feel bad.

  6. Great idea! What would you call it?
    Porno for Pyrex? Pyromania? The Pyrex Collective? I'm dying to know.

  7. Great idea! Although my pyrex finds seem to be waning recently :-(

  8. Hello ladies,
    Let's do it. I'll set up a new blogger account this week and I'll be posting updates. I may be asking for volunteers with special talents to help me e.g. title and image at the top of the page.

    Oh, I'm so excited. I think this could be really big if it catches on. We're pioneers in Pyrex blogging. Can't wait to hear from Vonlipi. Her collection makes me feel like a rank amateur, but it's all good. We need to start somewhere.
    Thrifted Treasure, you've got some fantastic pieces. Finding great Pyrex seems to come and go in waves, so I'm sure it will pick up again.

  9. Of course I'm in! I eat,sleep,dream and poop Pyrex!

    Let's make it a really fun and easy place to hang out, ok?

    Have a great sunday evening pals!

  10. Fab idea, look forward to drooling over all your lovely pyrex stuff (not literally I hasten to add...).

  11. This is a great idea, Erin! I like Bounty Huntress's name ideas. :) Maybe Jeni from In Color Order will get involved too?

  12. P, you read my mind. I'll leave a comment on her ICO's beautiful bunnyful blog.
    I'm feeling the love. Maybe we could end wars if the world leaders became passionate for Pyrex.


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