Sunday, November 14, 2010

All My Children

Sometimes people leave comments on posts that get bumped down onto a "previous" page and I don't think to go back. I just wanted to thank Laura for her "go girl" comments about my ranting and raving about Rob Ford as Mayor of Toronto. I try to not be too political on this blog, but I know that a few people from Toronto read it and I needed to vent. I'd also like to welcome Darrin, the Retro Dad. I thought you were already a follower. I'm pretty sure I follow your blog, Daddy-o, but I've got you liked, so I check in when I see you've got something new posted in Coolsville.

Here's a vintage commercial for Laura and Darrin, Retro Dad. Every time Rob Ford talked about the gravy train at City Hall, I thought of this commercial. In the world of Ghost Hunters, they'd call this spooky chuck wagon a "residual haunting." Whatever it is, it's tormenting the poor doggie.


  1. Thanks Erin! Now I'll have a different image in my mind when Rob Ford appears (previous image: Mike Harris). tee hee.
    BTW: I am an East Yorker too. (Thorncliffe Park)
    BTW II: I really like your blog and found it after I read about the Pyrex Collective in the Toronto Star. Have been hooked since and am considering starting a blog of my own (have been thrifting and into retro stuff for a couple of years now). So another "thank you" from me. Regards, Laura

  2. Hi Laura. My advice: start a blog! It's so much fun. It took me a long time to get blogging because I thought I was too technologically illiterate to ever see it through. It wasn't until the librarian at my school showed the staff how easy it is to set up a Blogger account. It literally took a few minutes. The part that takes a little bit longer is deciding on the template and design of the blog, but you can keep things relatively simple. If you've got digital pics on your computer, you simply load onto Blogger by clicking on the photo icon before publishing your post. You really just need to get your hands on it and muck around.
    I'm glad that two East Yorkers who love to thrift, have connected. Maybe we should go thrifting together some time and hope that it doesn't get ugly: "That was my bowl." "No, I got it first..." LOL
    Bye for now,
    P.S. My email's on the Pyrex Collective if you have any questions about Blogger.

  3. Thanks for the encouragement re: blogging, Erin and don't worry, your Pyrex is safe from me! (I don't collect it) LOL : )


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