Friday, November 12, 2010

Vintage Glassbake Casserole

I'm getting better at spotting the difference between Pyrex, Fire King, and Glassbake, though I don't know too much about Glassbake.
Look at this charming dish. I discovered it today at the Value Village near my school. It was $7.99, but was in mint condition. I'll have to Google Glassbake later to learn more about it. If you know, please drop me a line.
Happy thrifting this weekend.

Here's Crowded House with a sad, beautiful song. It makes me think of their drummer Paul Hester who took his own life. Music lives forever.


  1. I really like the pattern on this casserole. Let us know if you find out more info!

  2. That is a really cute pattern! I know we have pledged our undying love to Pyrex by joining the collective, lol, but this is just as pretty! I bought a lovely white Fire-King mixing bowl with a pink band, just had to have it! It's all about what pleases your eye and your heart.

  3. This was informative when I looked up Glasbake:

  4. Thanks for the comments and tip. I'll linky-dink, Sir Thrift


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