Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Final Countdown #3 My Namesake

Woo-hoo! Erin of Erin's Lucky Stars finally took the plunge and decided to become a follower. I've been following her blog for 74 days, but who cares. I'm not bitter. I've moved on. I'm sure she was really busy hanging out with her young friends drinking fancy cocktails, swapping tales of youthful love making and working on her tan. It's okay. I've actually been really busy too. I go to work and come home to scrape yesterday's crusted over dinner off the stove top and fall asleep during Ghost Hunter marathons. Yes, life is good. We Erins are so much alike.
Really, I'm alright. I'll pick up the pieces and move on.
I still thank Erin.

Here's your poem:

They say better late than never
But they don't know the painful sting that has stung,
Of unreciprocated blog followdom
I sat by the calendar wondering, waiting
Anticipating the little picture of the girl with my name in the Follower's box.
Feeling like an ox, whilst stuffing her face with Wagonwheels.
Does she know how it feels?
Or am I just like a reel
From her least favourite Harry Potter movie?
I'll cheer up and think groovy
Because Erin is now one of us.

As penance Erin - say 17 Hail Marys and watch this Genesis video with a heavy feeling in your heart:)

P.S. Phil Collins is singing behind the drumkit - always a weird sensation.


  1. I would like to thank you for getting the song "Final Countdown" stuck in my head for the evening! :)

    Congratulations on the new followers!

  2. Hey now!!! Ha ha. I have been following your blog just not in the traditional "follower" way! Under my favorite blogs yours is linked there and I read it religiously. So there! But I did laugh out loud at this post. I assure you my weekdays do not look like that but I will let you believe :) Us teachers never have it too glamorous.

    Erin's unite!

  3. Thanks for all the comments. Michael - I've got your back. Linda - the cheque's in the mail. Erin - I don't buy that you're a teacher for a moment. You're too youthful. I'm working on my librarian bun. I'm glad you took it in fun. Afterwards, I had a moment of Protestant person Catholic guilt thinking that you might have been over-exposed. Perhaps you can't ever be over exposed. At least it works for Lady Gaga.


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