Monday, November 1, 2010


Here's what my most recent trip to Value Village yielded:
I found this totally groovy Fire King mug for .49. Shhh, keep it on the down-low! This mug is as awesome as anything made by Pyrex, I think.
I found this cute train cake tin for a lousy three bucks. It looks like something the Bulk Barn would charge $12 for. Duncan will have fun with this.
Like the fool that I am, I forked out $7.99 for this Woodland casserole dish. It didn't even have the lid! I like it, but it's not going to be treasured the way some of my other pieces are. As I did the Pyrex walk of shame home, I analysed the situation and realized that I really am addicted and I needed a hit of Pyrex. Now that I'm home, staring at the picture on the computer, I can envision it filled with some sort of rustic homey chow - preferably something filled with chunky cuts of beef and mushrooms to go with the Woodland motif. Yeah, I'm still happy.


  1. The Woodland pattern is nothing to be ashamed of (from one addict to another). I nearly shelled out $5+ for an Old Orchard this weekend, until another beauty entered by world. If you wouldn't have taken a hit of Pyrex, you would probably be exhibiting withdrawal symptoms by now anyway...I'm no longer sure which is worse :/

  2. I must say the Woodland pattern has grown on me. Very fallish and wonderful with yummy hearty food in it! We Pyrex addicts have to stick together! Oh and I do like that mug a lot!

  3. You're good at this game. Tell me then, what should I serve in my Hot Air Balloon bowl????

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks about what would look good in a certain piece of Pyrex. I'm thinking squash or sweet potatoes, honey glazed carrots, or a wild rice pilaf would work too. :)


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