Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jumbo Good Time

We woke up to a short-lived winter wonderland this morning. Trudging up Coxwell, icy snow pelted our cheeks until we made it to St. Luke's Holly Berry Bazaar. It's always a well-organized sale run by friendly people. I wasn't tripping over treasures from yesteryear, but we still had a jumbo good time (see below).

These activity books are for Duncan and the kids in my class. There are several of these grid art activities which I can weave into Geometry.
The harsh light doesn't capture the delicate yellow beads in this $1 necklace.
Well-loved Snakes and Ladders for my class: fifty cents!
I recently had a bad experience with a not very nice person from Guyana. I'm sure there's plenty of normal, friendly people there. Perhaps this will be a "healing" puzzle. "Healing puzzles - today on Oprah!"
Great book about musical instruments. The lady who sold it to me pointed out that "It's a Caldecott winner." This reminds me of my childhood school librarian. She used to say the same thing and we'd always want to touch the embossed medal on the dust jacket. She got us so excited about reading. This book cost a mere quarter.

Owl chimes for fifty cents. They're already hanging in Duncan's room. Speaking of owls hanging, that seventies owl wall hanging I bought last Saturday is hanging in my classroom and the girls especially love it. None of the kids have commented on my seventies-ness yet.
I was amazed that they were bagging things in these very vintage Woolco bags. I can't even remember when this chain closed down. I'm getting all nostalgic just thinking about it. So what's in the ditty bag?
Needlepoint 0r cross-stitching? I'm bad with these sorts of things. My mother and one of my sisters are very good with needlework. I liked the fact that they made Coleus the subject. Cost: $2.00.
Curiously, the back side says "Display use only." This opens up all kinds of questions. Oh, the implications!
Four Christmas tree decorations selected by Duncan. $1.00.
I almost didn't buy this wooden Little Red Riding Hood puzzle. I thought it would be too easy for Duncan. He said he wanted it and the woman working that table said he could have it for a quarter. I wasn't about to protest.
It does have an old-fashioned charm to it.
Twenty-five cent smile. It was worth my hard-earned money.


  1. You found some wonderful things for sure. The picture is needlepoint and was probably done and displayed in a store...just my Love good children's books. Love the owl wind chime, Duncan has great taste.

  2. I love that 25 cent smile! Well worth it.

  3. Some great finds and the best? The 25 cent smile!

  4. LOL.. I remember Woolco.. the good old days, before Wal-Mart moved in.

  5. Boy oh boy that is a flashback in worth the 24 cents!

  6. From the photograph, the picture of the coleus looks like embroidery on linen, I can't tell which stich. The store display showed a customer what the finished product, made from a kit, would look like. I love its colors.


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