Thursday, January 7, 2010

Another Food Show Addiction

Does anyone else watch Chopped? I watched an episode or two in the fall and thought it was alright. Last week, The Food Network ran a Chopped marathon. My husband recorded it and we found ourselves becoming more and more hooked with each episode.

Here's how it works: Four chefs start out, each with a basket of "mystery ingredients" which must feature prominently in their recipes. Typically, they open their baskets to discover eclectic ingredients that do not go together. "Jellied eels, potato chips, bitter Asian parsnips, and Heavenly Hash ice cream. Hmm..." They can add other ingredients from the pantry or fridge, but generally, they find themselves flying around the kitchen frantically and trying to whip something original and tasty in 20-30 minutes. After the appetizer round, the food judges "chop" one chef. The three chefs who didn't get cut move to the entree round. Again, weird ingredients and another chef gets chopped. The final two chefs duke it out in the desert round. The judges consider the three dishes each chef made and the winner walks off with $10,000. Ted Allen does a good job hosting. He seems to relish the job of lifting the cover off the dish prepared by the chef who's getting chopped.
Have a look.
Bon appetit!


  1. YES! I LOVE CHOPPED! It is very interesting to see what they come up with the ingredients given. Addictive, YES!

  2. Yeah, you know.... That show I have to say I wish, I wish I wish I loved the ingredients. Than I'd be all -ooooh, I want to know what I would make with that!

    And I get that they are trying to show how good the chefs are by picking ingredients that don't go but when they show three ingredients and Ted Allen (Who I refer to as Alton-lite) announces make an entree out of... tuna , motor oil and q-tips... Well, I want to gag and who cares anyway? I mean - I don't even wanna watch anymore.

    And than the judges sit around and talk about how the q-tips are just sitting on the side of the plate as a garnish and really weren't incorporated.

    um. like thats a freaking bad thing?



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