Saturday, January 30, 2010

Shoe Keepers and Stuff Diet Weekly Recap

A few months ago, the city of Toronto passed a bylaw in which shoppers would be charged five cents for every plastic bag they take from a supermarket. I'm all for this. I think they should ban plastic bags outright. Apparently they take 400 years to break down. Pretty depressing. Here's my trusty Frida Kahlo bag that goes everywhere with me. You can see my Mexican change purse through the fabric.
I've always wanted a pair of these wooden shoe keepers. I'm not sure if they are called something else, but they're stamped "Shoe Keepers." Let me know if there's a proper name for these. The pair turned up today at Value Village for $3.99. They won't get used for the intended purpose. I'll put them on display somewhere down the road. You can't help but look at them and wonder who used them. I like to think of an elegant businessman from the fifties or sixties who would come home from his job and tuck these into his leather shoes before hanging up his silk tie.
Made in Rochester, NY: a great city.
As for the "Stuff Diet." If you haven't been following, I took a vow of thrift about two weeks ago. I'm trying to not buy anything new, except for groceries, booze, and medical/bathroomy supplies. So far, so good. My only questionable purchases have been the following: a bunch of flowers, a blue beta fish (but the bowl was thrifted), and a school-related book. I feel like these aren't nasty consumer purchases. I've been good - VERY good otherwise. If you can buy booze, you should be able to buy a book for the betterment of children.
Bye for now,


  1. I need to get better about using my own bags..I have them just need to use them. I agree charging a .5 fee would do it for me. Cool Shoe thingys!

  2. ours goes the other way around. If you dont use a plastic bag they give you 5 cents. Thats weird that they are opposite!

  3. Hey Queenie,
    I've missed you. Hope you are well. At some grocery stores in T.O., they give you three cents back.

    Stay cool,
    Thanks as always to Linda for the comments. Where do you live again, Linda?

  4. U are giving me strength to do the stuff diet for Lent! Not sure if u are aware but I just found out today the on Sun there are flea mkt-type activities outside the St Lawrence Mkt. I think it is too cold to do any shopping outside but there were quite a few people.

  5. Hi Erin, a common name for them is "shoe lasts", that was a great price you got them for :)


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