Monday, January 18, 2010

Song of the Week #29 Wyclef Jean "Hold On"

It's Stuff Diet Day 6. I bought groceries and we filled the car with gas. Really exciting. I did manage to walk through Loblaws (a grocery store that also sells clothes and hard goods) and I didn't give into temptation to buy a top or something like that.

I'd like to welcome my newest followers Reduce, Reuse and Rummage, Road Side Pit Stop, and My Reality. Great names. I feel like Lady Gaga with all these followers. Soon I'll be showing up to work dressed like seahorse from Mars. But seriously, I do appreciate the interest in my obsessive blogging about my many preoccupations. I'm in good company.

Here's my song of the week. Wyclef Jean, as you know is from Haiti. This song takes on new meaning right now. We had our first Worry Doll making session at lunch today. The kids were so creative. All money raised will go directly to the Haiti relief effort.
Here's a cool mummy doll made by a boy in my class who loves Ancient Egypt.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me! I was wondering if anyone noticed I was out there in blogger-land, since I have no idea how to track visits to my blog or anything like that.

    I love your blog, and your finds, and will continue reading.

  2. Hello RRR. Have you tried Feedjit? It's free (I sound like I'm selling a product, don't I?), and even I figured out how to install it and I'm not good at these technological things. Just click on "Get Feedjit" and follow the instructions. If you are stuck, I can go back and have a poke. Let me know. This way you'll know if people are stopping by.
    Bye for now,


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