Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 1 of Stuff Diet - We've Got "Soles," But I'm Not a Soldier

Wouldn't you know it, but on my first day of "buying nothing," my son was sent home from JK with his new sneakers which suddenly didn't fit. He also couldn't get on his brand new, expensive Cougar boots because he somehow managed to damage the lining inside and now the fabric is so badly ripped up and bunched up that he can't get his feet in the darned things.
Long story short - we made a trip to Payless and bought him new sneakers and winter boots.
I'm not going to count this because he cannot go out in sub-zero weather without winter boots - and he needs indoor shoes for school. We're going to donate his old sneakers which are lightly worn, to the Diabetes Foundation when they do their community clothing drive. I also bought a bottle of wine, but according to the rules, booze doesn't count. And here I was worrying about junior's boots!


  1. Emergencies happen but still on the first day?? Gosh well I'm just glad that booze doesn't count! :)

  2. Yeah, I don't know how you can count this... It isn't like going to a mall and doing shopping for entertainment. Its like buying something you had to buy.


  3. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I'd hate to send my son to school in socks and sandals: "My mommy said she can't buy anything for three months because of some pledge she made." LOL
    If the weather were warmer, I could have stuck his feet into two loaves of crusty bread.
    Still, I like this Stuff Diet.


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