Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stuff Diet Day 7 : World's Most Boring Blog Post - Read With Caution or You Might Slip Into a Blog Coma

Forty-nine cent fish bowl.

I bought nothing today. Really exciting, huh? At least I can feel good that I bought nothing. Actually, I don't feel anything, hence me sharing one of the most ubiquitous thrift store objects ever - the fish bowl. I found this bowl at the Salvation Army store in the west end and was happy with the price. Now I've got an extra bowl when cleaning out the beta fish bowl.


  1. Oh so funny! I cruised my GW today and nothing, not a thing! Overpriced and nothing! Not meant to be. Saved $$ at least.

  2. That's a good price for a fish bowl! I bet the beta will like it.

    I'm going to the church basement today (home of the 5$ garbage bag). I can't wait!

    (that's probably the most boring comment EVER!)


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