Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Chin Chin... Chip!

Here are some of my sweet finds from yesterday's mad dash to Value Village on my lunch break. Proof that you never just know what you'll find.
This pretty piece of pottery was made in England. It should go with my modernist tea pot I bought last month at Goodwill. Cost? $1.49.

I'm always looking for cheap picture frames for the kids in my class. These are mounts for transparencies. Cost was $1.49.
I got a fairly big pile of them. I don't know where you'd even buy something like this new these days.
Cups to treasure: these are cocktail glasses from Expo 67 in Montreal. They are so cool and only cost .99 each. What a steal!
I bought four glasses, but sadly this one became cracked in transit. It's a small crack, so I won't feel too sad.
Dare I go back for another snoop tomorrow?


  1. Love the glasses! They remind me of when I went to Expo 67. Yes I was a wee girl but I still remember the joy and excitement!

    Delightful finds!

  2. Very cool finds, but the glasses are extra cool!
    Always room for more and another snoop!!

  3. Those Expo 67 glasses are awesome! (Which Value Village did you find those in?)


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