Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wonder Woman Kills Comments Dead

Chris, one of the lucky winners of my Toilet Humour Thriftacular Contest accidentally posted her address in the comments for that post. In order to remove her comment, I had to delete all of the comments from that post. Sadly, this included a funny confession from the elegant Stan Williams himself. My family is still fighting over who gets to keep The Find - which I happen to have bought. Anyway, that's all I had to say. Stan is a thrift genius and I've been loving his little films on his blog, The Elegant Thrifter (linked to the right). You have to admire his business savvy promoting the book. I'd do the same thing. To be honest, I'd rather watch a movie about Stan than the Julia Child blogger - though I enjoyed the movie. I'm hoping to start filming yard sales in East York next spring. This will be a true test of my marriage. It will either come down to, "I admire her creative tenacity," or "She's turning into a freak." We'll see.

Here's more YouTube gold. My brother used to be in love with Linda Carter. I loved the invisible plane. Check out the ginormous computer in the opening. It's as big as a fridge. And what about that Lyle Waggoner? I'd forgotten about him. I bet he moonlighted on Match Game or The Love Boat.
P.S. Chris: we live so close to each other, it's freaky. We've probably bumped shopping carts at No Frills or Value Mart. LOL


  1. Oh gosh...thank you for the kind words about my home-made videos. When you start making your own, you might like using the Flip video like I do. It magically adjusts its lighting to almost any situation and works like a dream on the Mac, where it downloads directly into iMovie for editing. The only thing is that sometimes the sound is hard, which is why you'll see my big head filling up a frame sometimes, especially when there's a lot of background noise.

    My memory is failing me as this cold weather has frozen my brain, but did I send you a personalized bookplate for your book? If not, I'd love to so you can keep other family members from stealing it. Just shoot me your mailing address to And tell those thieves to get their own copy of THE FIND. It's pretty cheap on Amazon right now. And heck, If they want me to send them a personalized bookplate, too, then I will!

    Have a great day! Stan

  2. Thank you so much, Stan. I would love a personalized nameplate. How lucky am I?
    You really do need your own show.

  3. Thanks so much for looking after the problem so promptly! Appreciate it. Freaky that we might have "met" around the neighbourhood. Miss the old Goodwill just down the street though I didn't have too much luck there.

  4. Hey, I think I see a thrifting reality TV show coming in the future!


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