Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Urge to Run Away

Creepy silo at Riverdale Farm, last winter. We haven't had as much snow this year.

It's the last day of January and the February blahs have set in. My heat-seeking Australian father lives on two calendars: one in which the days get longer each day, the others in which the days get shorter. He says the days are getting longer now. It doesn't feel that way. I wake in darkness, come home in darkness. The cold beauty of the North is great if you're watching a documentary on TV with a glass of wine in your hand. If you're living in it, things just start to get bleak: the salty crust on the car door that gets on your just washed black pants, the salty crust on the TTC bus windows that prevent you from seeing civilization. There is awesome beauty in nature during winter, but I'm just not feeling it, or noticing it in the city right now.

I played the Ladyhawke CD when I was washing dishes this afternoon. The music transported me to a happy memory of driving with my husband and son last summer. Not sure where we were exactly, but the days were warm and long and the music took us through sleepy towns in Ontario.

Just get through the next month or so...


  1. If you Enjoy Long warm days where time is counted by song rather than a clock, you would LOVE The CH&R! I love places like that Silo seeing the Beauty in natures Break down. :) Good song!

  2. Hello Mick,
    Thanks for the warm breeze of Southern comfort. Most Canadians get a little crabby this time of the year. I'm trying to counter this knee-jerk reaction by working on my rich, internal life - dreaming of deluxe bikes and imagining myself toned and zen like tootling around PEI or maybe some place in Europe. I love that you're living your dream. We don't want to be stretched out on a hospital bed about to die and full of regret.
    That was heavy.
    Time to have a coffee.
    P.S. I LOVE Sam Phillips. Most people haven't heard of her. I think she's the most underrated singer/songwriter out there. We saw her Fan Dance tour. When she sang "Fan Dance," I burst out crying, which is not like me.

  3. Yeah, you know I actually do know how you feel. I worked nights a lot. And for months at a time didn't see the sun. It was kind of disorienting. Like one long day that never ended sort of... tracy


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