Monday, January 11, 2010

Song of the Week # 28 World Party "Is it Like Today"

I had a nice little lunch thrift today. I can't wait to take pictures of my finds. Sadly, I leave for work in the dark and it's dark when I return, so the lighting for photographs is horrid. I live in Toronto, but it might as well be the Siberian Gulag this time of the year. Still, there's beauty in the cold depression. At least that's what I keep telling myself. Thanks for all the swell wishes for my birthday yesterday. I love this community of like-minded thrift-heads.

I was going to post a Waterboys song for my song of the week. In my Youtube travels, I stumbled upon this amazing pop gem by former Waterboys keyboard player Karl W. He went solo after leaving the Waterboys and formed World Party. The video is funny and watchable too. Enjoy

Of course, I couldn't let a post go by without something a little more vintage. Check out this vintage Wonderbra commercial. Dick Avedon must have been behind on his mortgage payments to sign on for this gig. I actually remember the song. "Wonderful, wonderful... Wonderbra-ah-ah!" Is it just me, or is there a sleazy Studio 54 undercurrent going on?


  1. Oh how I remember the bra commercial! HILARIOUS! A good bra is real important, we don't want the girls to head south! ;)


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