Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stuff Diet Day 4 - I Thrifted and Bought Something as a Charitable Donation

This Stuff Diet's pretty tricky... stuff. I had to buy something new today, but let me explain. I've organized a fundraiser at my school for the Haiti relief effort. Children are going to make worry dolls. We'll sell them for $2.00 each. I had to buy old fashioned clothes pegs at Michaels today in order for this to happen. Surely this counts as a charitable donation instead of nasty consumerism.
These are the kind I'm talking about.
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The funny thing was that I bought some things I don't really need at two thrift stores out in the west end where Michaels is.

So to recap: the new purchase was to help suffering people in Haiti, the old stuff (which I'll photograph tomorrow), was more clutter for my house - but I kept some things out of the landfill.

See you tomorrow,


  1. I think the clothespins count as charitable donations, but the thrift store...I will wait to see just what you got! LOL>...

  2. I trust your judgement! You do what you have to do! I thrifted some cool stuff today for my Etsy store.

    I love this commercial! I remember singing the jingle ALL the time!

  3. Was planning to do the "Stuff Diet" for Lent this year. Is it that difficult? Would you advise it? Oh yeah, also have to skip having butter on anything for Lent which is not that difficult though sometimes I forget!

  4. Hi Linda, Vonlipi, and Chris. Nice to hear from you all.
    Chris, I'm learning that I take my money and shopping for granted. We live in such a consumer society, where stores are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I've been moved by the situation in Haiti and the images of people lined up just to get clean drinking water, is heart-breaking. I'm not Catholic, but I've always admired the way Catholics and Muslims "go without" each year in order to reflect on what they have and to help others. I feel like in my own small way, I'm doing this. So to answer your question - go for it. But be prepared for those unexpected purchases that might come up and think about if and how you could get around them.
    All the best,

  5. Cant wait to see what you found!

    Good luck with the fundraiser it sounds like such a sweet idea.

    xo Darla


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