Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bowling Ball Glasses and Saffron Splendour

My sister Lise and I took our kids out to St. Clair West to photograph our mother's childhood house and buildings from her youth. In our travels, we discovered a Salvation Army and a Goodwill within a stone's throw from each other on St. Clair West. Neither store thrilled me, but we found a few things.
This poster and the one below were on a storefront window on St. Clair West. Ride Relaxed Work Relaxed should be my new motto.

I bought this book on Christo's Central Park installation at the Sally Ann for $2.99.
At the Goodwill, I bought this saffron yarn for a buck. I'm a forgetful knitter (I pull my beginner's scarf out every six months or so and add a few rows and then forget about it). I'd like to make something very small and cute with this yarn. One day...
These highball glasses (found at Goodwill), were too cool to resist. They were dirty, but otherwise in good shape. I left two scratched ones behind. I've cleaned up my seven glasses already and look forward to having a chin-chin with them soon. Not bad for 99 cents each.
I imagine people in the sixties coming home after bowling and drinking Scotch out of these glasses in a groovy basement bar.
My sister nabbed this cool VW backpack. I think it was $2.49.

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After a hiatus, these cool women are back showing off their amazing treasures. This was one of the first vintage blogs I discovered and it helped inspire this little blog you're soaking in.


  1. Hi, thanks for the promo, it's really sweet of you. :) Those advertisements are great, do you think they've been in that shop's windows for 50+ years? Also, what a great adventure... my family's moved a lot so there wouldn't be just one area to discover my parents' childhood homes.

  2. Love the the Goodwill!


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