Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Zoo

We are petsitting our niece's guinea pigs. I thought I'd share some pictures of the warm, fuzzy critters filling our house these days.
The third bedroom is currently a storage room until our kitchen is complete. It is also the summer home to our classroom gerbil, Rosie and now two guinea pigs. Here, Duncan prepares to give them breakfast.
I believe this is Peanuts.
Snickers and Peanuts devour bok choy.
Rosie in soft (blurry) focus.

Duncan holding Kiko for the first time last summer in our kitchen, before it was gutted (the kitchen, not the cat).
Kiko and Spook having a snuggle.
Spook is the world's most loving cat. His brain is the size of a pea, but we love him.


  1. You have quite an adorable 'menagerie'!

    Do the cats pester the gerbil and guinea pigs?

  2. Hey Vonlipi,
    We're keeping the gerbil and guinea pigs in the extra room with the door closed. Kiko is a real mouser, so I'm not letting the cats near the little critters.
    P.S. How were the beans?
    Love your blog!


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