Saturday, July 25, 2009

House Beautiful

There were no yard sale signs in my neighbourhood today and I was loath to hop on my bike at nine in the morning, only to find someone selling baby clothes and Indigo Girls CDs on their front lawn. I'm now in thrifting mode and holding out for incredible church rummage sales in a month or two.

I visited a good friend today. I knew she had some interesting vintage bits and pieces, so I brought my camera. Her place is beautiful and clutter-free. I suffered a tiny bit of post traumatic stress when I remembered what it was like before Thomas the Tank Engine took over our entire living room.

Here's one of her very cute cats chilling out on the rooftop. I know if we let our cats onto the roof, Kiko would high-tail it back to the farm he came from and Spook would end up on the pavement looking like a plate of steak tatare.

Gorgeous, original stained glass window.
Big, brassy pieces belonging to her other half.
These are very old typesetter cabinets. My friend now uses them to display tiny trinkets. She always buys something for the cabinets when she travels.
A slightly blurry close-up shot of some of the pieces.
An old cabinet is used to house her collection of vases and vintage German beer steins.

Looking through the hallway into the kitchen.
Vintage wooden table and stools.

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