Friday, July 17, 2009

Treasures From Goodwill By The Pound

My sister Lise drove the gang (her kids - Devlin and Eden, along with Duncan and yours truly) to Goodwill By The Pound today. I had never been. Eden wondered whether or not it would be a productive visit or not. It was. Goodwill By The Pound is a cross between a church rummage sale and a Chinese buffet. They just keep on wheeling out binloads of stuff. You could spend the whole day there just diving in these giant blue containers. Many people had shopping carts piled high with clothes and other random things. They charge you $1.99 a pound, but the more you buy, the cheaper the price. If you have 100 pounds or more, it's .99 a pound.
The map above shows you how to get there.

Here's my swell nephew Devlin searching for retro athletic wear and other cool stuff.

You need a bit of Attention Surplus Disorder to navigate through the bins.

A stature of a praying girl.

Acres of albums for the vinyl nerd in your life.

My stash: This pretty Made in Japan apple cup.

Here's the leafy back of the cheerful cup.

I bought these four glasses for nostalgic reasons. We had several of these growing up. You used to get shrimp cocktail in them. Behind the drinking glasses you'll find a vase-like CN Tower glass circa mid-eighties.

The glass features a junior high cocktail recipe on it and a CN Tower-sized clown.

My extra special find was this vintage Pyrex beaker. It's about 15 cm (6") tall. I couldn't resist these colourful measuring spoons either. Happy baking moments to come!

I also bought this palm tree handbag. I'm not really a purse person, but I could be persuaded to start a collection.

Here are two Made in Japan earthenware saucers. They came with cups that were badly chipped, so I bought the saucers for plants. I also bought this earthenware pot to put a plant in.
In addition to the pieces pictured above, I bought a pile of books for Duncan and my classroom and several science-related posters. In all, I spent $12.00. I'll post my teachery finds on The Foolscap Flyer in the near future. I am a happy shopper.


  1. What a great find! I have never heard of it. Can you give me a general idea of where it is.. ie is it in toronto itself. Thanks

  2. Super finds! I love the Pyrex beaker and the shrimp cocktail glasses! I'm glad to learn they had shrimp cocktail in them, I bought a couple and had no idea what they had in them before they were glasses. Believe it or not I have a similar CN tower glass...;)

  3. Thanks for your recent comment, I'll add a link to your blog. :) I'm fascinated by the thrifting cultures of other countries, especially since I'm seriously considering moving to Canada after getting my master's degree next year (probably to Montreal).

    I've been to a by the pound place before, in Madison Wisconsin. It's crazy what people are willing to do, they were in the bins digging in clothes-- I wasn't quite hard core enough so I kind of skimmed the surface of the troughs of goodies!


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