Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Lick 'O Paint

There were no yard sales in my immediate neighbourhood last weekend, so I used the time to work on my office grotto. I slashed out the hideous carpet. Underneath I found a rustic subfloor...
I painted (or white washed) half the floor. Tomorrow, I'll finish the painting. We have a beautiful blue carpet that we'll bring down when the work is done.

We bought a dehumidifier. I hope it will remove enough dampness from the basement that we can move the computer downstairs.

While moving junk around, I discovered this swell York Solid State radio I bought at a church rummage sale last year for $2.00. Now I can listen to the CBC while sanding. I'm slowly turning into my mother.

Here are more treasures unearthed: the rotary dial telephone from my childhood. Our old phone number appears on the middle of the dial. I still remember it. Beside the phone is an old Kodak Brownie Holiday Flash camera I bought at an antique barn in St. Catharines over a decade ago. The phone will be my office phone. For once I can honestly wait to talk to an operator because I'll be using a rotary phone.

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  1. OMG the phone, you are so luck to have the original one you grew up with! I'd die to have one now, a black rotary phone just like yours ... and isn't it funny I can still remember my childhood phone number like it's on the back of my hand ....


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