Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Room of One's Own - Fun For the Whole Family

The Room of One's Own in the basement is slowly turning into family office space. That's alright. Moving the office out of the dining room means we will actually have a dining room to eat in. There's a concept. In the basement, I've created an arts and crafts area for Duncan that will double as a teacher prep work station. When the room is completed, I'll take some snaps. I've been able to use some vintage garage sale finds to hold art supplies.

Magazine holder before.

Yesterday we attempted to go to Riverdale Farm. When got there, everything was all locked up. Those mean, striking city workers decided that three-year-olds do not deserve to have a happy afternoon frolicking with gentle creatures. I hope someone fed the horses.

Anyway, we traipsed through Regent Park. I remembered that there was a Goodwill at Gerrard at Parliament. When we got there, it was gone. To console Duncan, I took him to a convenience store for a frozen treat. I asked the owner what happened to the Goodwill. A friendly customer (who looked like a prostitute - not that there's anything wrong with that... or maybe there is), overheard and told us about a nearby thrift store called Double Take. We turned around and hit the store. It was a big, clean, and classy thrift store. They even had a piano, which a man was using to play some famous piece of classical music on. It was a tad surreal. There weren't too many funky finds to be had, but I did get this magazine holder for a lousy two bucks. My only piece of advice is not to carry one of these suckers on a streetcar. At least five people must have suffered lacerations due to my bulky cargo.

Magazine holder after one coat of rust paint. This will be used for Duncan's basement books in the room formerly known as the Room of One's Own.

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