Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moments of Pleasure

This morning, I loaded up my girly-girl palm tree purse (as featured in the earlier post, "Treasures From Goodwill by the Pound") and Duncan and I headed out. We first stopped at a little fruit and veg store on the Danforth. I bought a newspaper, and some annuals to complete my planter boxes. Yes, I'm late - I'm a teacher! The store owner knows us and he tenderly packed the plants in a Maynard's Wine Gum box. It fit perfectly in my basket. For some reason, this made me REALLY happy.

Duncan insisted I take a picture of his new bell that Daddy put on his bike yesterday.

We then went to the walk-up window at Tim Hortons, where I bought a large tea and Duncan got a doughnut. (No jokes, please - every week, someone says "Hey, Duncan Donuts," to him. I hope that chain goes under, before he develops a complex.) The cup fit perfectly in my water bottle carrier. Some guy actually commented that I was biking with a Tim's cup. We rode off to the park, where Duncan played, and I read the paper in complete bliss. Simple pleasures are the best.

Whoop - there it is!

* Please visit Grunge Queen's terrific blog - it's loaded with great ideas. Do you think Martha has ever dumpster-dived? I think not. I've also added Vonlipi's Favourites. It's also wonderful. I'll be plowing through her older posts this week. Go Montreal! These two blogs are well established and full of great ideas and treasures. I'm not worthy!

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