Monday, July 20, 2009

A Whole "Ge-lotta" Love

Today we found a little piece 'o paradise on St. Clair Avenue West (Little Italy). If you like gelato, you MUST check out La Paloma. It's a gelateria. I didn't even know the word existed. They must have had 50 different flavours of this gorgeous stuff.
Here's the splashy carpet that greets you when you walk in the door.
They have freezer case after freezer case of gelato that they make on site. Mmmmm.
Junior in a moment of spaced-out gelato bliss.

I know "I Melt With You" has been used in too many commercials, but I still get a warm feeling inside when I hear it. Good music to listen to as you reminisce about a happy gelato experience. I do remember being slightly disturbed/confused as a child by the hair and facial hair of the blonde guy in the band - especially the part in the video where you just see their heads. Eeesh!

I've just added the link to Awkward Family Photos. It's not a yardsale blog (although awkward family photos do surface at yard sales). However, it is so excellent, I just had to share it. If you've had a rough day, just visit this site and you'll be doubled over in no time. Below is a sample of the strange wonders that await. Enjoy - Erin

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