Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That Seventies Mug - Knotty But Nice

My sister is taking me to Goodwill by the Pound on Friday, so I hope to share some cool stuff that I am hoping to find. Let's hope the sun is shining on Saturday and that dozens of seniors in East York are holding garage sales. Sniff.

In the meanwhile, I thought I'd share a ubiquitous Made In Japan mug that I bought for a quarter at a yard sale last month. My son dropped my large York University mug yesterday. I dug this mug out a tad reluctantly. Was it pretty, or butt ugly?

Here it is in all its avocado green glory. My homegirl, Kate Bush looks on in the background.
The verdict? I like it. It's a nice size and holds just the right amount of tea or coffee. The ropey texture is surprisingly sensuous to the touch. Looking at the mug, I imagine secretaries in the seventies in wraparound skirts and clogs on a coffee break. All this for a lousy quarter. What a world.

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