Saturday, October 31, 2009

Barb's Halloween Party

Barb and I go back a long way. She moved from Winnipeg to Toronto in the early nineties and her first job in the city was editor of the newspaper I wrote for at my college. Every year, Barb has an amazing Halloween party. She goes to so much trouble decorating her already beautiful home, and she makes yummy food. I'd love to go back when the lighting is better and take some pictures of her Day of the Dead objects. I'd forgotten how much stuff she has and I spent a fair bit of time last night, drooling over her Mexican art.
Amy Winehouse taking a swig of Blue Lagoon from a Windex bottle.
Leprechaun pimp with hairy chest joins in the merriment.

Barb made a lot of seventies finger foods using recipes from her Manitoban mama. These delicious squares were called Mary Vickers. Barb also made her famous spinach brownies.
Giant spider devouring her art.
Every nook and cranny had been decorated. She even had little candles burning in the basement washroom that nobody seemed to be using.
Bat-tastic chandelier.
Inflatable eyballs. If I could get my hands on these, I'd leave them hanging in my classroom all year.
Barb by the stove. Yes, that's her own hair. She looked amazing. Four people came to her party dressed as racoons. The theme was "Creatures of the Night."
Last year, this man was a French maid with fake boobs. He told me that he thinks he has a chest fixation.
Pippy hits the sauce.
Ancient Egyptian love.
Still life with booze.
Gorgeous food table before being attacked by hungry people in outrageous costumes.
Barb and her true love - Bono. This was shamelessly Photoshopped. One day he will come to his senses and leave his family for Barb.
Barb's famous guacamole.
Little skeletons hanging near Chinese lanterns.
Candy galore

She has these amazing wicker corn husk lights around her kitchen window.
Move over, Martha.
Jim and Tammy Faye Baker in better times.
Barb, flanked by a couple of freaks. I'm the one on the right. I was supposed to be a university professor, but the caveman wig and beard was a bit over the top. I felt more like my dad in the stuffed Cosby sweater.
Thanks, Barb! You're the hostess with the mostess.

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  1. OMG Tammy Faye. OMG that is a dead ringer (no pun intended) I want to be at this paaaaartyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy~ I am following you from Pennsylvania. Come visit me, but I am not as fun as you all are!


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