Saturday, October 17, 2009


A local Catholic church had advertised a rummage sale today. We got there about an hour after kick off. I'm not sure if we just missed all the good stuff, or if it was just a slim pickings kind of sale, but it was a pretty dreary affair. No baked goods, even.
The friendly lady in the picture told me I could fill a box of books for $1.00. The price was astounding. Too bad the book selection wasn't.
More smutty books for sale in a church. What are all those aging parishioners up to?
At least someone likes being a Catholic - or liked I Like Being A Catholic.
There was nothing worth buying. This door sign was the most fun item I could find.
Someone thought highly enough of a Toronto-based chaplain to create a tribute to him. Somehow it ended up on the bargain table at a rummage sale. We bought zip. I realized we were right across from the Ritz Restaurant, so Duncan and I regrouped over pancakes and bacon and then took off to the good Goodwill store on Thorncliffe Park where I hit the jackpot.
I have a thing for coloured glass. I found this beautiful fruit bowl for $4.99.
I love the colour and the shape. I can just see it filled with black grapes.
After doing a once-around and being forced over to the toy section, I decided to circle the kitchenware section one last time. I'm glad I did, or I would have missed this pretty casserole pot. I love the colour combination of pink and brown. It was in mint condition and cost $8.99. It was more than I usually pay, but it is gorgeous and I just had to have it.
Streaks of colours abound.
I love the swirly creams and browns on the inside.
When I finally get around to hosting a Christmas dinner at our home, I can just imagine this on the table.
I also found this sweet little piece of pink pottery.
I've said it before, but it seems odd that pottery like this ends up at Goodwill. I could see a piece like this being sold in a trendy boutique or museum gift store for $15.00. I got it for .99 at Goodwill.
Here's another piece of feminine pottery that was also .99.
Love the speckles.
Hey, my new pieces look great together.
I found these Made in England bowls, which reminded me of the Winkle-esque mugs I bought at Vincent de Paul's last month. These shallow bowls were .99 each.

I also found these creamers that matched. They were .99 as well.
Here they are with my Winkle-esque mugs. They aren't the perfect match, but they look related. This whole collection cost about $9.00. I have a feeling that more will turn up if I keep looking.
How was your day thrifting? Do tell.

P.S. Stevie says "Enter Erin's Thriftacular Contest by Oct. 17th. Perhaps then she'll stop psychoanalyzing my publicity shots." See last Sunday's post for all the thriftastic details.
Stand back, or I'll strike another quasi-mystical pose.


  1. It sounds like you had a pretty successful day at Goodwill! I had a pretty good day, too :) I did one post about it today, but I think it'll take a couple more days just to post all I got! Ahhh, Goodwill Outlets. They are awesome!

  2. Fab finds!! I really love the pottery and glass bowl - I had a good thrifting day yesterday too :-)

  3. Too funny, you and I have probably bumped elbows at that Goodwill - it's my absolute fave in the entire city as I always get a good haul there. LOVE the retro fruit bowl, such a great design and colour ....

  4. Wow you hit the Winkle jackpot this time! Those bowls and creamers are definately Kathie Winkle, they should say so on the bottom, no?
    I just bought 7 dinner plates and 5 b&b plates in the same design at a thrift store last week. Happy Winkle hunting. Jill


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