Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Love of Jesus Thrift Store

I just became acquainted with another great new blog called Another's Treasure (linked on my fave thrift blogs). It's run by a spunky gal called Amanda who digs thrifting for vintage. Sound familiar? Amanda lives in one of my favourite towns in America - Richmond, VA. Love it. We did a minor league baseball trek through the Carolinas many years ago and we fell in love with Richmond. Lot's of great caf├ęs, old architecture, and fab record stores.
Amanda spotted a Fleetwood Mac album at a store called Love of Jesus Thrift Store. Here's her picture shamelessly cut and pasted onto TYSS.

Vintage Record: $1, Love of Jesus Thrift
The name put a smile on my face. I wish we had them here. Check out the LJTS site here http://www.lojts.com
Support a good cause if you live near one.

Do you have a cool little thrift store you love, that's not a big chain? Let me know about it and I'll try to post a little something or other about it.

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  1. Yes! My fav is in ohio. It is called River Valley thrift store I think. I havent been there in a while. Next time I got there I will tell you all about it! hmm...Im going to ohio this weekend? Do you think I can talk the family into a pit stop?


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