Saturday, October 10, 2009

Christmas Tree Dish

After biking up to Value Village in the rain at lunch yesterday, I didn't find anything cool at all. It's just as well, considering that I left my wallet in the class. There were no rummage sales listed in our community paper for today either. To combat my unlucky streak, I decided to drag Duncan out to a Goodwill store I'd never been to before. This afternoon we took a crazy bus ride to Eglinton and Brimley. I grew up further out in Scarborough, but I forgot how mind-numbing the Eglinton 34 East bus can be. It's even worse these days due to the big box stores that have popped up. Duncan and I sat squeezed together at the back, while mothers with SUV-style strollers and people carrying oversized merchandise from Wal-Mart and Zellers squished on. The bus driver was a young woman and she kept screaming at everyone to move back - an impossible task due to the bulky cargo.
This Goodwill store was pretty depressing. The goods were unremarkable and overpriced, and I've never seen such miserable people haggling over prices before. I did, however scoop up this cute Made in Japan Christmas tree dish. It was in pretty good condition and cost $3.99.
I couldn't resist these Little Golden Books for Duncan. He loves anything connected to vehicles - especially trains. Nice to see Lassie was into the ecology back in the day. (Sorry about the flash glare).

What I would give for this entire set of school books.

The illustrations in the Little Golden Books are charming, if not a tad politically incorrect at times.

I just realized that my next post will be my hundredth. I really can't stop shopping. I feel compelled to thrift tomorrow to commemorate this milestone. To get the party started, here's Audrey Hepburn doing her famous beatnik dance in Funny Face. I too, need to express myself - and I could sure use a release. Calgon, take me away!


  1. I love golden books. I am currently mad at my favorite good will. I am wondering whether to post about it or not. I have never seen something at a good will that made me sooooo mad. lol...

  2. Oh I 'm glad you got some good finds after the nightmare journey!


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