Thursday, October 15, 2009

"No Thrift For You!"

Am I the only one who plans the week with thrifting in mind? I had hatched a golden plan that I would be thrifting at lunch until winter came. Well, if you live in the Greater Toronto Area, you'll know that winter temperatures arrived this week. I've moved all of my vintage plant stands and tropical house plants into my classroom. I had to ditch my bike and begin car pooling to work to avoid frozen fingers.
I'm also tutoring Monday to Thursdays at lunch. That leaves tomorrow - the one day I go for lunch with another teacher. We eat at the mall near the school AND near Value Village. I thought I could coax her to Value Village with the promise of cheap books for the classroom, but she teaches French Immersion, and there's diddly squat French books at Value Village. So much for the bilingual dream of Canada.
Saturday better be good.

P.S. I keep looking at this Fleetwood Mac album cover from my previous post.

What the heck's going on with the concept? It seems to suggest that Lindsey Buckingham had it off with Christine McVie before hooking up with Stevie Nicks. Maybe it was the other way around. He's giving McVie a come hither look while McVie strikes a P-O'd pose. Nicks is cast as the temptress and seems to be meditating orgasmically. Discuss.

I was trying to find a Stevie Nicks video to go with this post. Instead, I stumbled upon a clip from the old Solid Gold show. Check out the hilarious costumes and car-crash choreography.


  1. are too funny about the album cover :) Im sorry that you no longer are going to get the thrift due to the poor weather. It is cold here too. But I have a car that I take around a thrift my little heart out!

  2. You need to ditch your lunch-mate pronto!!!

  3. I agree about my album cover- I was thinking the same thing as you! (I think the cover was one of the reasons I bought it!) Thanks again for the shout-out! Much appreciated :)

  4. oh...does this mean that your giveaway is a no go?

  5. Huh? The contest is still on. I would never be so cruel. You are also the Queen of Comments. I love how you comment everywhere. I keep reading your stuff.
    Cheers again,

  6. Oh yeah, cold weather here too is putting a damper on things. And wasnt there something happening like that with fleetwood mac for real? I thought there was...

    Maybe its just urban legend or something...And yes I do plan out stuff based on sales

  7. "Am I the only one that plans the week with thrifting in mind?"-- no you most definitely are not! From at least Tuesday onward I'm already setting my sights on Friday and the rummage/estate/garage/yard sales I'll be going to! To be honest, I split most of my free pockets of time between two activities: spending time with my beau and vintage shopping. Are thrift stores not open on the weekends there? I say hit them Saturday mornings. :)


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