Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mork and Misty

I am trying to catch up with Misty. I keep referring to the Thriftacular winner as "Mindy," by mistake. I have indeed emailed Misty and we'll see what's going on. It's late and I had a thrift-crap-tic experience today, which doesn't even bear repeating.

I shudder thinking back to all the hours I spent watching Mork and Mindy as a child. Is this not the worst intro to a show ever? It seems to go on for hours. I do like the old granny rocking out, however.


  1. Ok...so I emailed you back AGAIN....did you still not get one from me?!? this is making me wonder what in the worl is going on with our emails?!?! do they not like one another!!! Geesh! I hope you got one of the many I have sent! Let me know!!!

  2. I'm so confused too. I sent you an email last night and now it's not showing up in my "sent" box. My gigantic load of emails saved in my in box are missing too. Maybe there's a ghost hacker trying to do me a favour by getting rid of some of my email. Ha!
    I'll try you again.

  3. I use to looooooooooooove mork and mindy! oh...and are you the blogger who was looking to host other bloggers favorite thrifting places that were commercial ones like goodwill? If not..than excuse my mistake...if you are then let me knoW!


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