Saturday, October 3, 2009

There Will be Cheese

This post was brought to you by Dodge, proud manufacturer of the new Dodge Challenger. When you need a little muscle in your life, accept no substitutes.
This isn't our car. It is however, the object of my husband's desire.
WAGS RT is one lucky dude - or dudette. Oh yeah, this is supposed to be an ad-free blog. You are under no obligation to purchase this mean machine.
It was a dark grey morning. Luckily, Hope United Church was having a rummage sale. It was a classic church rummage sale...
Complete with mint green walls, tables of odds and ends, and a bake sale.
I kind of liked the elderly woman praying, but I couldn't figure out where I would hang it.
Box full of ten cent puzzles and games. I bought Pop-o-matic Double Trouble. After publishing this post, I'm going to play it with junior.
I bought this small roasting pan with lid. I can't believe I've been married as long as I have without having a roasting pan. Time for roast beef!
This is a smaller size, which is good since my family is a power trio, a bit like Rush or The Police. Well, not exactly.
I almost didn't buy this shallow Made in Japan dish because I thought it was an ashtray. I couldn't detect tobacco stains or odors, so I grabbed it. This will make a cute candy dish.
Believe it or not, Duncan found this little condiment pot and suggested we buy it. I was impressed that a four-year-old had the aesthetic required to appreciate the Bauhaus-esque design. Son, you understand!
Even the spoon is cool.
I bought this Ontario souvenir pot. I think it will end up holding spare erasers on my desk at school.
The top reminds me of maple leaf shaped maple fudge.
And yes, it was actually made in Hoserland. Hard to believe, eh?
Judging from the girl's feathered Linda-Evans-in-Dynasty hair, this edition of Pop-o-matic Trouble (Double Trouble), is circa 1986.
Waiting to be popped.
After I put this in my bag, I realized it's probably not great for the environment. To some, it's Flocons de Neige. To others it's Ozone Destroyer in a Can.
I finally caved in and bought a fondue set. It was missing a fork. I can just hear the English antique appraiser on The Antiques Roadshow saying, "This is an incredibly rare Windsor Fondue Set. If you had all forks, it could fetch 2,500 pounds at auction. Because it is missing a fork, you may get fifty pence for it." Oh well, I still love it. After a winter of eating chocolate and cheese, I'll be calling Jenny in the spring.
Does anyone know what this mini umbrella stand is for? I grabbed it thinking that it was to prop up the cheese encrusted dirty forks on. I can't slot the forks in it, so now I'm wondering if it actually goes with the fondue set. Please set me straight.
My traveling cake dome disappeared, so I was happy to find this one today.
I do try to pack a litterless lunch (despite my penchant for snow in a can).
An adorable edition of the Renard the fox tale. I like that it's actually in French, not that I understand it.
Delightful illustrations.
Black crow holding the fateful hunk of fromage. I'm not sure if I'll keep the book or give it to a French teacher at my school. Nobody at my school appears to even remotely appreciate vintage stuff.
An old book for Duncan. It's got that classic musty book smell.
Copyright 1956.
Will the fat guy make it down the pole?
Apparently so. That's all folks. They asked $9.00 for everything. Not bad at all.

Anyone old enough to remember this? I think I remember one from the mid-to-late seventies.


  1. I loved Trouble so much as a kid, I think I broke the pop-o-matic action dome!
    If you find what the little umbrella is for, please share!
    I love the UN-PC snow in a can and would use it except I find it real hard to remove from my windows...

    How do you include You Tube videos? I want to but couldn't figure it out! If you want you could write me at

  2. man of man! This is such a full post! I love that the little one picked out the condiment pot that shows some great taste! I as well lost my cake cover and found one recently on sale too. it made me happy! Have a great week!

  3. Hey Vonlipi,
    I hope you got my email and that the YouTube thing worked out.
    Keep me "posted." Yuck yuck yuck...


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