Friday, October 16, 2009

Last Call

Become a Follower and enter the Thriftacular Contest, or I'll get all Viking on your #$%#!

This is the last call for thrifty kin folk to enter my Thriftacular Contest. You needn't actually be one of my kin folk. Actually, I'm more in touch with the thrifting community than most of my kin folk. I just like saying kin folk. See contest rules, etc. from my post last Sunday. Thanks to all my new followers. I like to support people who support me, so I've added a link list called "Mom's Brain" for the new mommy bloggers who are following TYSS.

I didn't thrift at lunch today because some parents at our school hosted a Diwali luncheon for the staff. It was the best food and chai ever. If I could cook like that, I would seriously consider becoming a vegetarian. My taste buds are still tingling. Multiculturalism is a state of being in Toronto, and I love my city for that.

I am plotting some thrifty business for tomorrow. Will I unearth ridiculously cool treasures from Great Aunt Millicent's basement, or acres of ugly mugs from the nineties and yet more Paula Cole CDs? Stay tuned for late breaking thrifty news.

Hey Crazy Suburban Mom, this one's for you! It's wrong on so many levels.
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  1. The record jacket is very scary! was this supposed to be sexy? All that hair...waaaaah! Where's the edge clipper? Get me the Neet!lol

  2. Didn't Neet always smell like vomit mixed with 1000 decaying corpses? I was all like, "Let be be a bush woman. Just keep that stinking bottle away from me."


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