Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pyrex Pour Moi? Oui!

I love this community of thrifty bloggers. Since I started blogging back in the spring, I've felt like I've made a whole bunch of buddies around the world. It's like a support group for people who just can't help peeping through musty garages, church basements, and thrift stores on the off chance there might be something old and irresistible up for grabs.
One of my new thrifty friends is Vonlipi - the Pyrex goddess from Quebec. Yesterday I found a parcel notice on my door. I couldn't make it to the postal outlet because my husband had the car and was working late. We picked up the parcel tonight. You won't believe it.
The postal outlet was at Shopper's Drug Mart. After showing proof of identification, the lady at the desk brought out this big-arsed box. I had Duncan with me and as we weaved our way through the store, he kept bonking his head on the box, it was so huge. We were both laughing at the insanity of it all.
Inside the box were hundreds of foam peanuts and other types of padding.
I also found a pretty card. My stationery is never this pretty.
Inscribed, was a sweet message from a sweet woman who loves all the same good stuff I do and also has issues with Go to fullsize imageSYTYCDC's Jean Marc Genereux. "We've been on this journey together, but you're going to have to step it up and get in the game if you want to take it to the next level of dance. You'd better bring it. I love you man... Now let's give it up for Sho-Tyme. He's the baddest choreographer. Sho-Tyme - I love you man."
Inside, I found this insanely pretty Pyrex casserole dish. I love it! Thank you so much Vonlipi! I will treasure this always. I have to say you did an awesome job packing this. The only thing crazier than being sent Pyrex in the mail is having a pie sent to you, which my Memphis-dwelling sister did a few years back when I asked her what Chess pie was. We're all nuts.
Vonlipi, here's what you'll be getting soon - the Snowflake Pyrex casserole that I scored recently that you don't have. You need it and by golly, you will get it. I think I can reuse the box you sent mine in, with all the packing. I wish I had a neighbour as funky and fun as you. Think of all the laughs we'd have driving to Value Village and making fun of contemporary dancers!


  1. Nice, I love the idea of a Pyrex swap. It's good you found a fellow Canadian thrifter to do it with... shipping would be expensive from the U.S.!

  2. LOLOLOLOLOL! Erin you made me feel so good with your post,now I want to send Pyrex all over the world!

    Which I will do when I win the lottery.

    You also made me laugh so hard, I was wiping tears left and right! SYTYCDC was definitely fun to make fun of. I really wanted Jayme Rae to win because she's from my neck of the woods!I wonder what color Jean-Marc's hair will be next season...

    As for the packaging, I do have a lot of experience! I've been selling stuff on ebay and etsy for a year now- you learn real fast! All in the name of the decluter fast 2008-2009!

    Enjoy your Pyrex mon amie!

    Valerie :)

  3. Oh ... another Toronto blogger!!! I have a tan pyrex dish with a brown top ... it was my Mom's. Makes the Best casseroles.
    Nice to meet you ... I'll be back!

  4. Pink?? OMG.... I'm verklempt with jealousy... well okay, Im glad for you but I'm still verklempt over the pink :)


  5. I love the word verklempt. I've never seen it in writing. Archie Bunker loved it too.

  6. sure....distract me from all that pink pyrex you just got... verrrry smart!


  7. Awesome! I've just discovered a deeply-rooted obsession with Pyrex.


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