Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thrifting for Vintage at Lunch

I rode my bike to Value Village at lunch today. I didn't find any TDF Pyrex, but I did find a few charming goodies.
Sixties travel destination plates are another blossoming collection I'll admit to having. I couldn't resist this lovely Christmas plate from "North Pole, N.Y." It's so whimsical. I'm already thinking about winter holidays and eating fresh-baked cookies off this plate with Duncan and Ken. It cost $2.99.
Close-up of Santa's HQ.
We had a very similar snack bowl growing up. Ours said "Snacks" on it and had painted images of pretzels, etc. circling the inside of the bowl. It hung in our kitchen, but I don't recall eating snacks from it. I couldn't resist this peanut bowl. When I got back to my school, I showed it to the Office Administrator who in turn told me how she was traumatized as a five year old when confronted by the Planters Peanuts mascot at her camp. If she calls in sick for work tomorrow, it will be due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought on by this bowl.
The bowl was a little weathered, but it cost peanuts. Ba-dump-boom!
At first glance, I thought this tea towel was a souvenir from Canterbury in Kent - a place that I've actually been to. Turns out it's from Canterbury in New Zealand. If you're a Kiwi reading this blog, you can rest easy knowing that I helped stimulate your economy in the most remote way possible. Actually, I didn't. But I would. Really.
Close up of the place Ken calls "God's Country." I'd love to move there and grow organic arugula or something.


  1. you made me smile a few times in this entry. you are too funny! I love your thrifty finds!

  2. Is TDF to die for?

    I love the plate and look forward to seeing a pic with cookies in it this December. The peanut bowl is hilarious and I love the tea towel. You rock girl!

  3. Hey Vonlipi,
    Yes - to die for as in Pyrex you would risk life and limb for. I've linked Pyrex Love on the blog. Collecting Pyrex could be a full-time profession. Hope you're well,


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