Sunday, October 4, 2009

Song of the Week #14 Ladyhawke Party Pack

Here is my favourite new band. They're from New Zealand. Hey, I guess I have supported the Kiwi economy! Run out and buy Ladyhawke's album. There are no duds on the album. No filler, just killer. I love Pip, the singer. She looks like someone you'd run into at a laundromat.

I first discovered the video for "My Delirium" on YouTube last spring. I posted the video on this blog back then, before I began this song of the week caper. Watch it the whole way through. It's the best video ever. It's up there with A-Ha's "Take on Me," in terms of artistic creativity. No Norwegian yodeling on this tune, however. I dig the Thelma & Louise concept.
Here's a neat little clip showing the brilliant artist who made the video. You'll also witness Pip drinking an adult beverage.
Lastly, here's the brand new video for "Magic." It's the first song on the album - very catchy. Pip rocks a serious Stevie Nicks look here.


  1. I love when you do this because I hardly ever have any idea who you are talking about and it introduces me to new music! Thanks!

  2. My pleasure, Queenie. As happy as I am right now, I miss my days writing about music. Can't you tell?
    Cheers, Toots.


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