Thursday, November 5, 2009

Before There Was Beyonce There Was Boogie Body

This jazzercize video is funny for so many reasons: the leotards, the music, and the chipper woman leading the group who badly sings along and can't help herself but say things that sound rude. This one's for Dime Store Thrift, and that oh-so Crazy Suburban Mom. P.S. Vonlipi, your snowflake Pyrex is on its way to you. Canada Post finally got its act together.


  1. Hi Erin....Tom here. I like your blogs!

  2. That was simply HILARIOUS! Oh yeah!

  3. so sad-i do jazzercise every morning and please believe me WE DONT DRESS LIKE THAT ANYMORE! but the owner (judy, in the middle) still says the same silly things on all the instructional videos.


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