Friday, November 27, 2009

Something Good is Going to Happen

tom palumbo
Picture taken from a post on Grain Edit featuring the photography of Tom Palumbo. Visit This blog profiles examples artists in the world of graphic design.

I've come off an exhausting two week period of report card writing, marking, late-night planning, and generally feeling dissatisfied with the state of my grinding daily routine. I love my job, but I find the work week very tiring: the morning rush, feeling like I'm never doing enough with my class even though I'm doing as much as I can, gulping lunch down and leaving work feeling like I forgot to do something important, not having enough time with my family... Does this sound familiar? Sometimes what I want more than anything else is to move to some big country house and spend my days with my family in the garden and looking after hens.

The last time I was truly happy about the state of my little universe was last Christmas holiday. I stumbled upon this world of arts and crafty bloggers and I had time to indulge in some of the projects featured. These blogs have brought me so much contentment. I love looking at hand-crafted items and pretty things. To this end, I'll start linking some of my favourite crafty blogs over to the right. Occasionally, I'll give a shout out to some to draw attention to blogs I think vintage/thrift bloggers would enjoy.
P.S. Life really is too short.


  1. Erin I understand the rush we feel as life goes by! We have to make time to stop and enjoy, I know you will! thanks for sharing some crafty blogs with us. Tis the Season!

  2. I know what you mean actually... I'm feeling a little like that myself. I was just thinking the other day - if I could only not sleep.

    and how silly is that. You just have to enjoy while your doing.


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