Sunday, November 1, 2009

Vintage Finds on Halloween

For those of you who don't live in a country that celebrates Halloween, I thought I'd share some pictures from last night. My thrifted finds from yesterday are at the bottom of the page.
Duncan the pumpkin gets ready to go trick-or-treating. Believe it or not, I bought this pumpkin costume at a church rummage sale last fall for $1.00.
We went trick-or-treating in my sister's neighbourhood, since the people in her hood go way over the top. Here, Duncan sits by the fabulous Halloween cake my niece Eden made.
Here's Duncan in full candy mode. The hat kept falling off.
People across the street from my sister go all out. They play the old silent film Nosferatu, which is projected onto their house.
They also have a full cemetery of German folk on their front lawn.
A skeleton chills out.
Another house had several corpses scattered across the lawn in various poses.
A kooky belly-dancing Goth was shaking her booty in the middle of the street. I admired her commitment to her costume, despite the brisk autumn climate.
Awesome owl jack-o-lantern
The Count, from Sesame Street and a witch's cauldron.
Earlier in the day, we hit the Thorncliffe Goodwill. I found this pretty Christmas candy dish. I don't think it's vintage. I think it is newish and made to look old-fashioned. The font seems modern.
I still like it. It cost $2.99
A $2.99 platter to go with my Winkle-esque crockery.
Score! I found these cute bowling glasses for .79 each. I know, I already have bowling ball glasses, but those were highball glasses. These would be good for a gin and tonic.
Check the gold rim.
Duncan wanted this cowboy boot glass. The glass weighs a tonne, but it only cost $1.49. I hope Duncan doesn't drop it on his toe in a moment of distraction. The boot says "Canada" on the bottom, so I'm wondering if it's from the Calgary Stampede, or some such nonsense. Discuss. P.S. That's a sucker stick in his mouth.
The morning after. In-di-ges-tion.


  1. Wow, you have found some fabulous, cheap pieces. Good job! Seems like you had a great Halloween too, nice pics. Oh, and I like the fact that the bottom of the boot glass says Canada.


  2. Lorne? Are you a man? If you are, welcome to this estrogen-dominated blogisphere of thrifty vintage lovers. Now Stan's not the only one.
    Thanks for the nice comments. Follow my blog!


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