Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Give Dime Some Time

Hello there,
If you've had a rotten day and you need a bit of enchantment, I've got a story for you. A few posts ago, I wrote about dragging my son out to Goodwill by the Pound on a grey, miserable Saturday afternoon. GBTP is a funny place. Like most thrift stores, you can't predict what you'll find, but unlike most thrift stores, there are no neat, tidy shelves. They just keep dragging out clothing and junk in these big bins. I didn't find much and I was just about to leave, when I saw a woman holding some vintage Christmas ornaments. Right away, I thought, "Those are so Dime Store Thrift Sonya." I kept my eye on the woman long enough to notice her put the decorations back down again. I was forced to make a decision: ask her if she still wanted them and risk the chance of making her think she should keep them, or waiting a few seconds and nonchalantly picking them up. I opted for the later and she didn't say anything.

When I got to the cash, the ornaments were put on the scale. Because they were so light, the decorations ended up costing less than $1.00. That's good vintage value. And it made the voyage to Scarborough worthwhile. If you read the banter back and forth in my comments, you've probably heard me mention that the lady at the postal outlet at Shopper's Drug Mart dropped the darn package after putting the "fragile" sticker on them. To cut a long story short, the package arrived safely and put a smile on Sonya's face. She posted about the experience, so go check out Dime Store Thrift (linked in my favourite thrift blogs), to see for yourself. These warm, fuzzy thrifty connections are further proof that simple pleasures mean more than big, fancy things.

I was tickled that two (make that three!) new people became followers of this here blog. Thank you Carol at Old Glory Cottage, Linda, and Sandy. In Sandy's picture, she's either holding a wicked cup of coffee topped with whipped cream, or a mug of Guinness. I like both, so we already have something in common.
I hope I don't disappoint with this blog. More adventures to come. Sally said it best...


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