Saturday, November 7, 2009

Best Bazaar Ever

Last year I hit the lucky jackpot at the fall bazaar hosted by the Japanese congregation of St. Andrew's Anglican Church (Donlands/Danforth). I almost shrieked when I saw the listing for this year's bazaar while flipping through a community paper yesterday. I was not disappointed. The tagline for this blog is, "Join me as I rummage for vintage treasures and unusual bits and pieces." I found both at this wonderful sale on a perfect fall Saturday.
I got everything you see on this table and more, for only $2.00. A kindly man was selling things on the front lawn. He was helpful and even asked if I wanted to check inside the Clue game (circa 1972) to check if all of the pieces were in it. I didn't bother. Turns out it was in perfect condition after all. I also got some vintage s&p shakers, sand toys and Dora plate and bowl, Tupperware container w/lid and divided section, measuring canister, Japanese tea tin, and foam craft flowers for kids.
Duncan chose these cool Japanese cartoon cups.
We followed the scent of sushi (there was a sushi sale in the basement), and went into the church for more rummage sale items.
When thrifting, or antiquing in another city, I like to bring back something local. It was a bit like that today. There were numerous Japanese books and decorations that made me happy. These vintage wooden Japanese figures were the most expensive thing I bought. They were two for $5.00, but I loved them and just had to have them.
The heads wobble a bit. I'm enchanted by the colours and craftmanship.
Here is a tiny carved cork decoration of a Japanese house on a hill. Ken thinks it may have had a glass dome on it at one point. It's tiny and perfect. Cost? Only ten cents!
Duncan liked this small, rustic single drawer set with aging mirror. Someone painted a little red fish on the drawer. I'm not sure what this was used for. Perhaps it was part of a doll's set.
I guess it can be used to put paperclips or buttons in now.
Here is another amazing find. This plate is dated 1954. It appears to be a plate commemorating the ball scene in Dickens' Christmas Carol. I found it buried under a pile of beads. It had a $1.00 sticker on it. I grabbed it as fast as I could. I know it's not good to covet objects, but this is something to treasure.
The story behind the scene on the plate is lovingly explained on the back, using a Medieval-esque font.
I'm not much of a clothes person and I don't usually have the patience to sift through clothes at rummage sales. They had a few items hanging by the baptism bowl, so I had a shuffle and hit gold. This shirt is big on Duncan now, but he wanted it. It cost .25!
This is a terrible picture of a very cool hoodie. It's in new condition and is covered in cassette tapes. It too was a lousy quarter.
If you wear it inside-out, it's a black hoodie, with this cool embellishment.
Duncan liked this Marcia Brady scarf. It so reminds me of the seventies when my sisters were seriously into crochet. It was .25.
I'm not sure if this is cool, hideous, or so bad it's good. Since I couldn't decide, I bought it for a quarter and told myself I'd wear it out on yard duty.


  1. WOW! you certainly hit the jackpot! I missed a big bazaar today because I had to do heavy yard work....Maybe next week...

  2. Oh wow!! MEGA haul! You must have skipped all the way home singing!!!

  3. Aren't Bazaars / Rummage sale THE BEST?! I hit two this weekend myself!!

  4. I love it all! I love the hoodie a lot! for a quarter! That is crazy! Also those little figures are to die for! Love the mugs as well!

  5. How neat, I would have loved to gone to a Japanese-centric rummage sale... at the rummage sales in my neighborhood I find a lot of Eastern European items (Russian/Polish/Ukrainian). mm sushi in the basement, sounds like my kind of sale!

  6. Hi TO Yardsaler! I'm a Bluenoser who also shares your love of yard sales and thrifting. Good stuff you got there -- especially the plate which has my birth year on it! Lovely.

    I was recently in TO and went to Goodwill -- and I loved it! We in NS have Frenchies. I'm looking forward to following & seeing what else you have to offer. Please check me out if you'd like.


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