Monday, November 2, 2009

Parcel Updates and Flashdance Maxi Pads

Beth, if you're out there, I'm still thrifting for you. I've been looking for vintage love in all the wrong places, but I'll get there.

Vonlipi, I've had your snowflake Pyrex wrapped up for days now. The first day I tried to post it, the postal outlet had just closed when I got there. Next day, the woman at the desk told me that they were unable to send packages in Canada. Huh? A Canadian can't send something within their own country? It's not like I'm trying to send heroin cupcakes into America or something. Anyway, I'll try again later this week. Until then, I hope my husband doesn't slam on the breaks too much since the package is a grocery bin in the trunk of our car. The parcel box is packed with the many foam peanuts you wrapped my Pyrex baby in. I hope Crazy Suburban Housewife doesn't get jealous from all this talk.

Lastly, I've sent out a surprise package to someone. The same ditzy clerk at Shopper's Drug Mart who wasn't able to explain why I can't mail packages in Canada, helped me with a package I was mailing to the US. I asked her if she had a "fragile" sticker. No sooner had she stuck it on the parcel, she dropped the dang thing. I kid you not. I'll be interested if the package arrives not in a thousand shattered pieces. Good grief!

For no apparent reason, I thought I'd share a vintage maxi pad commercial. Oh those crazy eighties. What a feeling! P.S. There's no way that skinny dancer is wearing a big, honkin' Stayfree Maxi Pad.


  1. Heroin cupcakes! LOL! Or Anthrax granola bars!

    You gotta love ditzy clerks! I know all the postal employees at my shopper's drug mart and they're the BEST! I can't wait to get it!

    Have a great one,


  2. LOLOL! You're just evil...

    As to the dancer and her maxi-pad? Yeah, you're so right. There was no pad bulkage going on in that ad. Maybe she was just dancing for joy or something over Because it sticks like

    Although I've never had the occasion to dance about or for that matter say... I love that thing, it sticks like a dream - about anything.

    Stickiness isn't normally a positive quality.

    But and learn...


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