Sunday, November 15, 2009

How Bazaar!

Yesterday morning I ducked into the Annual Bazaar, Food Fair and Rummage Sale at the Holy Trinity Eastern Orthodox Macedono-Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Church (phew, that was a mouthful). It's a pretty little church in my east-end neighbourhood. It's so close to our house that I walked there.

I was charged $1.00 to enter the sale, which I thought was a bit cheeky of them. What if there was nothing I liked? Oh well, I guess it's all for a good cause. And it was only $1.00. I shelled out and went in. Turns out it was worthwhile. When I hit the basement, I was greeted by an army of seniors eating a hearty Bulgarian lunch. I contemplated buying a sausage, but decided to save my pennies for the rummage sale. Here's the first thing I saw.

Oh, Pyrex. You knew I'd be coming. Here's my turquoise mini mixing bowl with roosters and Amish folk. I have the butter dish from a sale last year. I've started a new collection, I guess.
A couple of months ago, my husband and I ordered a Shaker dining room table, which is being made by Amish craftsmen in Ohio as we speak. I found this pretty hand-embroidered tablecloth. It will look stylish on our first ever beautiful dining table.
The tablecloth is fairly large and features geometrical patterns in the centre.
This needs a good ironing, but I couldn't resist this hand-embroidered fabric featuring swallows swooping down on poppy flower heads. I can see it turning into a wall hanging.
I loved these little wooden carvings. They seem Scandinavian, but could be from somewhere else.
In my recent post from the Japanese Anglican Church Bazaar, I mentioned how I try to find something from the culture of the church sale - if the church is affiliated with a particular culture. At yesterday's sale, I found these cute little Bulgarian churches (I think). They both said "Bulgaria" on them at one point, but the word has rubbed off one of them. I'm wondering if I can turn them into Christmas tree decorations.

Everything you see above (not including some goodies for Misty - the winner of my thrifty contest), came to $5.00! The woman originally asked for $8.00, which I would have paid, but she didn't have change for a $20.00, so she just took my fiver. Sweet.


  1. Love the hand embroidered piece!

  2. What great finds! I love the little bowl especially!

  3. Holly Pyrex Batman! lol

    You gotta to love the butterprint pattern! On of my favorites! Great finds, great sale!

  4. Nice, reminds me of the Ukrainian church rummage sales I go to in my neighborhood (I live across the street from one). Fab finds, I especially like those little carved animals. :)

  5. OMG! I know why there is nothing good in the US, its because you and vonlipi are sucking up all the vintage into canada with your amazing thrifing karma... . Holy moly - all that stuff is crazy-fabulous... Normally Im not much into the linen thing but the one with the swallows is GREAT!


  6. that should have been thrifting karma - apparently you are sucking up all the spelling karma too

  7. The wooden thingies from Bulgaria are containers for a vial of perfume or rose oil.


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