Friday, November 13, 2009

The Pleasure of Pyrex

I love that thrifty bloggers all think it's perfectly normal to mail crockery to people they've never met. Perhaps if all the feuding countries and evil dictators embraced the beauty of Pyrex, we'd all be living in perfect harmony. At least our meals would be served in stylish dishes. My pal Vonlipi (I know her real name now, but I won't Pyrex dish and tell - shhh!), received her adopted baby in the mail this week. Go to Vonlipi's Favourites (linked to the right) to see how the little casserole that could, made it from who knows where, to a Value Village in Scarborough, to a suburb of Montreal. We're living out our own version of the film Amelie. Life is sweet.

Amelie is required viewing for all dreamers - especially us thrifty vintage dreamers. I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

Vonlipi, here's your man Bryan singing just for you. Man, Bryan's looking fine in this video. He looks like he just rolled out of bed in a remarkably unrumpled Italian suit. Chin chin, Toots!


  1. What a good little elf you are -- making early deliveries from Santa! Shall I send you my wish list? (And I do love Value Village!)

    I also agree with you about all the evil dictators of the world embracing Pyrex -- or perhaps pretty paper napkins (ala my surprise gift from a fellow blogger).

    We're a very giving bunch, aren't we!

  2. I love sending Pyrex to my thrifty bloggy friends! It's so much fun! Now if only Pyrex was lighter!

    My man Brian is looking particalarly suave in that video! Thanks for posting it!

  3. I agree that if we all had some lovely Pyrex to adore, the world would be a better place! I sort of have that same casserole dish, except mine is white with blue snowflakes. Gorgeous either way!

  4. Hello ladies.
    Thanks for the comments. Vonlipi- I'm glad your new Pyrex is "soaking in it." I found a sweet little piece this morning, which I'll post about tomorrow. It's an addiction, to be sure.


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