Thursday, November 19, 2009


I just emailed Misty (winner of my Thriftacular Contest) telling her not to come to this blog until she gets her package of thrifted bits and bobs. Misty, in case you didn't get the memo - go away! Come back later. I just got Shara's comment (including a rather blue comment about a chance encounter with Fabio's wedding tackle - egads!). She mentioned that my Fabio cheesecake shot didn't take. I've removed the original picture of Fabio with a tiger on a chain and replaced it with this news item about the time that Fabio got hit by a goose while riding a rollercoaster. Funny and strange all at once. Thank goodness he was alright. Never mind the starving children and wars - Fabio required one stitch. Animals are so smart! Anyway, if Misty is still reading. Do not go any further. Let Fabio block you from viewing your gifts.

Alright. She's gone.
Here's what Misty is getting:

In this funky little box is...
A very cool Japanese bamboo brooch. This is the backside of the brooch. Brooches make me think of my long-departed grandmother on my mother's side of the family. I've taken to wearing these underrated pieces of jewelery lately.

I find it hard to thrift for someone else. It's too easy to buy stuff you like and then you want to keep it all. I loved these old fashioned salt and pepper shakers. They came from the Japanese Anglican Church rummage sale a few weeks back. I hope Misty will like them.

Last weekend, I found a pair of adorable hand-stitched pillow cases featuring a cat who has discovered a sparrow in a tree. They were in very good condition.
I loved this vintage elephant chiffon scarf. I found it at Value Village the night I ran out to find a Halloween costume.
That's all. I've been knee-deep in report card writing. I hope to do some serious thrifting over the weekend. Stay tuned.


  1. Darn it. The Fabio photo isn't showing. I met him once. Had my phto taken with him. He's veeeeeery tall. I am veeeeery short. I stood in front of him and he was behind me. Right when they snapped the photo, he pulled me back towards him. And, well, was pressed right in the center of my back. And now you have heard my Fabio story. Sorry, I really needed to get that out in the open! (What a lucky Thriftacular winner!)

  2. Where do you find those things? The fabio thing I mean...that was priceless.. I mean I know it was serious but ... its so...Um.

    Um. Um. Funny, can I say funny? Is that insensitive. I know it is, Im so sorry...but it made me giggle...I know Im an awful person now.

  3. Crush that guilt like an old cigar stub under your fabulous heel. It was very funny. I remember hearing about Fabio's rollercoaster ride at the time. This report was so hilarious I was ready to soil myself from laughing so hard. I see the goose-in-the-head incident as payback for all the years of cheeseball appearances. Didn't he do an I Can't Believe It's Not Butter commercial, or am I thinking of someone else? I'm not sure if the goose did something to his brain or if he always speaks like that. And what a nice gentleman he was for not taking the goose to court. LOL!

  4. Oh I forgot about that commercial - but yes and I found it for you :)

    and even better, no poultry was harmed in the filming of that commercial. Or none that they copped to!


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