Saturday, November 7, 2009

Single Female Voter

Here's more from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, for the American followers who can't see this hilarious show. This time around, Single Female Voter Avery ambushes Peter Mansbridge (who is the Dan Rather of TV journalism in Canada). I love how she makes him blush. Go girl!


  1. It's not that we can't see the show or the commercial in the US, it's that when we click on the YouTube link it says we are not allowed to watch the clip because of copyright infringements. So, we can't enjoy any ofyour YouTube links. Darn it. I really wanted to see that Fuggly commercial! ~Shara

  2. So when you click on the YouTube link on my blog you can't see it? Weird. It's like the Soup Nazi - "No Canadian comedy for you!" I wonder if you could watch it through the This Hour Has 22 Minutes site via the CBC... I'll work on it.

  3. The link on the above post took me to a webpage. But "NO YOU TUBE FOR YOU" right! Weird!


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