Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Cautionary Tale

Yesterday afternoon I got the H1N1 shot. I hope what I'm about to say won't put anybody off getting the shot if you were thinking about it, but I must be honest. I'm one of those people who NEVER has a side effect after having a vaccination. I have no allergies and no health conditions whatsoever. I'm blessed and happy knowing this.
After lining up for the shot, a friendly nurse gave me the jab. My first reaction was that the needle hurt. Normally, it's no big deal. My son had the shot a couple of weeks ago. He whimpered a little, but was fine. I sat in the recovery area for about 15 minutes and then walked home. Within an hour, my upper left arm began aching like you wouldn't believe, and it just kept getting worse. I took Tylenol, but it did nothing. By the time my husband came home late from work, I was in a lot of pain. He gave me some T2s or T3s - the one with Codene in it. Yes, I know that I should know and I know it's not good to share medication, but I was a desperate woman. Finally, the pills took the edge off and I was able to go to sleep. Today, my arm is still tender and aches a little, but nothing like the pain of a dozen angry pigs raging through my veins that I felt yesterday. My husband said a man at his work had to take a week off work because the vaccine made him delirious. I'm glad I'm protected now, but that was a heck of a ride to get there.


  1. sorry to hear you had such a painful reaction to the cousin did too, it was really bad. Most people though are fine...although understandably somewhat sore.

    Not to be a downer or anything, but you're not fully protected until 8-14 after you've had the vaccine. It takes your body some time to build up the antibodies.

  2. I am not getting one at all. Everyone has said that it hurts them that way! Thats terrible!

  3. I hear you both. My arm is still tender. I spent yesterday in a near hallucinatory state due to the Codene in the T3s. I'm swearing off those. They just made things worse.


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