Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our Sister In Thrift

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I just read the most recent post from Kelly (aka Grunge Queen). She had her apartment and love life featured in yesterday's Toronto Star. It's a hilarious feature story. I'm going to run out and see if my local convenience store still has a copy. Here's the link for your enjoyment. Nice going Kelly. Work those boys and work the thrift! P.S. Is it just me, or does Kelly resemble a young Karen Kain?


  1. Erin you're such a sweetie for posting; I will def return the kind words ... let me know if you couldn't find a copy as there were some pics in the hardcopy edition that didn't make it online. You and I, methinks, should do a dig one day!

    I have heard the Karen Kain thing before -- it is a compliment. Could be the short hair? I used to be a dancer, though, many many moons ago ....

    Bye for now,

  2. Hey,
    I wasn't able to nab a copy because I was a day late. I have a friend who works at the Star. I'll be seeing her Friday. I'll see if I can get a copy through her. Oh yes, Karen Kain is a natural beauty. Take it as a compliment. I think it is the hair.

  3. I love the article, I wish my beau would bring me antique finds! Wish there had been more photos of her house, I'll have to go check out her blog now. :)


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