Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My Mexican Heart

This past Sunday we went to a Mexican Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos) festival at Harbourfront. It was something else.
This display is called ofrendas - a shrine set up to pay tribute to a deceased loved one.
I couldn't get over the work that had gone into it. Every inch was covered with something beautiful.
Sugar skulls, tequila, and flowers surround a skeleton figure.
I can't help but want to know more about the man in the black and white portrait.
Gorgeous bean art.
Toronto's Mariachi Fuego. They played lively, traditional mariachi music.
There were lot's of goodies for sale. I could have bought one of everything. Believe it or now, this little guy was left over on a crafter's table. He's made entirely of sugar, with some embellishments of leaves and moss.
His little 'boat' had cracked, so nobody wanted it. The vendor was selling these in good condition for only $4.00. She sold me the cracked one for $2.00. I can't believe the work that went into it. I now feel guilty that I didn't give her more money.
He's so cute.
He's even wearing a poncho and 'Viva Mexico' sombrero. Love it.
I think these are called Catarinas, but don't quote me on that. She looks radiant in indigo.
This paper art is called papel picado. I bought six in black and six in purple. I'm going to try to string them across my classroom.

I collect Dia de los Muertos shadow boxes. This one was made by Sarnia-based artist Eduardo Espindola. His business card is two pictures below http://www.folkartmexicano.com . I love his work. Sadly, most of the pieces on his website have been sold. I'll have to just be patient while he replenishes his stock.

I couldn't resist this Tim Burton-esque fridge magnet. She now guards our fridge door.


  1. I love Dia de los Muertos... unfortunately I was out of town for all the Chicago celebrations. :( Here is a photo essay I did of the LA celebrations/decorations 4 years ago: http://laist.com/2005/11/05/laist_featured_photo_essay_searching_for_the_elusive_sugar_skull.php

  2. Hello Leilani,
    It's morning and I'm rushing to get ready for work. I can't wait to look at your photos. I know Chicago has a large Mexican population, so I'm fascinated.

  3. Holy Smokes, what an awesome day! And what fun finds for you. Perfect!


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